Sunday, December 18, 2011


It has been a busy & sometimes melancholy month, what with my Uncles passing & saying goodbye to a very old friend. I managed to avoid any thoughts of shopping by doing it all on line at home, so much easier. I have some things to buy for breakfast on the big day that will give me a little taste of New Zealand here in the frozen North, then it is off to my Mother's to cook her & my rellies a dinner.

It was a very enjoyable weekend away in York for my birthday, but one that flew by all to quickly in a blur of good food accompanied by a glass of champagne, ( I have just been advised that it was more than one glass & that I had better come clean instead of trying to gloss over it  ! )

I cannot wait for the New Year to begin, so much to do & look forward to. There is even loose talk about a trip to Vancouver later in the year to see my friends Steve & Shauna, but we shall see it is too early to decide at this stage.

I have also managed to assemble the 10 tracks needed for " Funky Aluminium Primitive " which bear no resemblance to the running order posted last June or July. Once I have the finished mixes sitting on the Hard drive I am going to post the whole thing on Soundcloud & link it here to the blog. Then there is that little matter of the 10 or so vocal tracks that need lyrics & someone to sing on them.....

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