Monday, September 12, 2011

Retrospective # 13

Echo & The Bunnymen " Heaven up here "

This came out at a time of change in my life, the casting off of a long term relationship, stepping out in to the bright pink, blue & grey Eighties. I had new friends & a plan. This album along with Joy Division, Pere Ubu & Wire provided the soundtrack to the start of that decade for me.

This was big, moody music, cinematic in it’s approach & very different from the punk noise of the Seventies. This was “ Post Punk “ for want of a better term. Opening with “ Show of strength “ The bands singer Ian McCullough put some of the past in to perspective ..

“ Bonds will break and fade
A snapping all in two
The lies that bind the tie
Come sailing out of you “

"The Disease"  sounds eerily quiet and spooky after the dazzling exertions of the title track, a brooding atmosphere makes up for a predictable guitar sound. But for me it's words rang true...

" My life's the disease
That could always change
With comparative ease
Just given the chance
My life is the earth
'Twixt muscle and spade
I wait for the worth
Digging for just one chance "

All My Colours (Zimbo) soars. With its haunting "All my colours turn to clouds" lyric and music that speaks of sorrow and power and things unknown all at once. Listening to it now it still works for me, it has not aged at all in fact this set & their first “ Crocodiles” remain their best two albums. The rest is just filler.
It was a time of travelling around Leeds with Lindon & Jeff, thinking up crazy schemes.. an Art Centre in Churwell springs to mind, along with late evenings, dinner parties, gigs & meeting Sue who I would go into business with in our restaurant in Scarborough. Intoxicating times.

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