Saturday, September 10, 2011


Rugby world cup time is here again, so I am not sure if this blog will contain much more over the next few weeks, you have all been warned. I saw the AB's play Tonga on Friday, they looked very fast & slick in the first half but struggled to gain momentum in the second. It was a comfortable win but the word from friends in NZ is that they should have won by a lot more.

This morning it was the turn of England who in comparison looked sluggish & uninspired, the only time they looked good was when they abandoned their game plan of using Wilkinson to kick penalties & instead kicked for touch & scored from the line out. Relief all round when the final whistle blew. Especially here at Arcane Acres.

So time for predictions..... I am sure England will get better & I predict the semi finals at least. As for the AB's they could go all the way if they avoid France & do not choke  Let's face it, in the past 3 Rugby World Cup competitions they have never got further than the Semi's or quarter finals, but they are at home. England on the other hand have made it to the final twice....  Bring it on !!

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