Saturday, September 03, 2011


Recording John's track was a productive session, involving recording my first vocal for someone else in at least 10 years. At first the task looked simple, but as I listened back to the finished take something was missing. I sang 3 separate vocal parts before I was happy with the final performance. Time flew bye & it was good to be stretched creatively as I would not apply such diligence to my own work for a vocal track, I tend to take my voice for granted, usually finding it hard to listen to the recorded version. I now have the task of mixing the finished piece, neither of us like to mix work & I drew the short straw !!

We then went over my as yet unfinished track whose creative history has been charted in this blog, it currently stands at mix 003 evolving slowly for the last couple of months. Regular visitors will know that it requires a vocal track & some lead guitar work before it can be counted as a song. I now have possession of 3 guitar solo's all different to choose from, so I am currently trying them out & will post examples once I am happy with EQ & Gain levels.

All this work made us hungry & thirsty so we indulged in Thai salad & Alcohol until around 4am. Another all time low, I am glad we only do this every few weeks or so as I do not believe I could keep up !

My visit to the first Scarborough rehearsal for the Sharp Practice thing, has in true S.P. style been put back to October, as I have stated many times before about us, it is my guess this gig will take 15 years to organise so the last 6 months are nothing.

It was also good to make contact with another old friend who I have not seen since I left these shores & who I met through work in Scarborough, I have to check with him which name he wants to go under & also if he wants to be named in anything as cheap as this blog so for now he is JA. It was good to catch up with him on the phone & another reason to return to Scarborough as soon as possible.

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