Saturday, September 03, 2011


Crooked Mile by dt156

Here is a good reason why I want to sing these songs again, it is about my adopted home town, it shows us at our earliest, first time in a studio together, but already you can see a melding of generations...none of us the same age..but  thinking in the same direction. The " Crooked mile " refers to Scarboroughs South bay, The North Bay, is under developed & let loose to nature. The South, is Bingo, Candyfloss, Showmen & Rides. This is what John was focusing on when he wrote it. Sadly the Indian Palmist has left, but you can still eat fish & chips looking out at the harbour & buy a fresh crab or two.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Scarborough holds a special place in my heart for various reasons. I loved the familiar references and the musical nods to "Scarborough Fair" in the intro and exit. Very good work David.