Saturday, July 16, 2011

Retrospective #12

Fashion - Fabrique

This is not a well known album by a band that did not get much further than a cult following in the early Eighties, but it was purchased after hearing an extended mix of the song " White Stuff " on a NME sample cassette tape. ( For younger readers cassette tapes were ferrous oxide tapes that we recorded music on, to to carry it around with our Walkmans .. for Walkman see Wikipedia or Google it.)

The album did not disappoint my ears, although it obviously slipped by everyone else. I can remember not only purchasing the vinyl album ( Younger readers see above ) but also a cassette tape version with the album on one side & a whole side of remixes on the other. I wore both of them out, obsessing over the banks of synthesisers & Drum machines that the band utilised for their textured electronic anthems.

At the time I was running my restaurant in Scarborough, so hearing the tracks transports me back to pleasant evenings, after the last customer had left, mixing in the bar with friends enjoying a late night bottle of wine. It was the 1982 soundtrack of summer journeys to Leeds on our day off & return journeys the following day, stopping in York for lunch & shopping.They were without doubt some of the best of times.

It was the bands second album, line up changes after it's release, meant there was never a follow up.That did not seem to matter to me, I heard it as a complete piece with no desire to track down any more of their material. To me it was perfect that they would never make any more music after this particular set.

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