Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gildersome Green

This is Gildersome Green, just across the road from the apartment. It is a place that holds many memories for me, it is also a place I thought I would never see again !
When I was young it was Wembley Stadium & Lords all rolled in to one, endless games of football , countless overs of cricket were played out on its grass.

It is of course in these " PC " times out of bounds as far as any playing of games are concerned, which is a shame, as I think open spaces like this are made for children to play games on. In the distance at the far end of the Green stands my Aunts house, which was handily located for bathroom breaks & cold drinks !!

The Green was also the place where I kissed my first " proper" girlfriend, a relationship that lasted all of , let me see, three weeks or so ! I have had longer but ultimately more shallow relationships since then though.
I enjoy walking by the Green on Sunday mornings for the paper, it is a nice reminder that Gildersome still has the heart of a village if nothing else.

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