Monday, June 20, 2011


What a very satisfying weekend, on Saturday morning I caught up with my aunts & uncle who spend most of their time in France, it was great to see them & they took an instant shine to Speck, It was a very enjoyable lunch.

In the Afternoon I met up with John who is a musician friend from some thirty years ago. We spent the afternoon up until 7pm writing music together, a fantastic experience after all these years to recognise that we could still get along alright, time has reduced our ego's somewhat which made for a very creative atmosphere.
By 3am VERY much the worse for wear we retired to our respective beds. Fun indeed !

Sunday I visited my mother & Speck went down to my aunts to attend a BBQ, she did not come home until 8.30 pm Sunday evening.By that time I was on the phone to Miff & John in Scarboro arranging our get together next weekend, I cant wait to see them all again.

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