Thursday, June 23, 2011


This weekend I will be travelling to Scarborough to meet up with my old band Sharp Practice. It has been some 14 years since we last performed together, I think it was around two weeks before I departed for New Zealand. I have not played a live gig since. The reason we are hooking up together apart from churning over old times is to discuss the possibility of a ‘ one off ‘ gig , a chance to play those old songs one last time. No other reason than pure enjoyment of playing in a band we all love.

Aside from been great musicians, the guys are good friends, we have watched each other’s children grow up & been present for some real highs & lows in each other’s lives. The kind of friends who will stand by you come what may, who call & talk about what’s going on around them, who share a deep loving regard for BEER ! We also share a very deep humour that can be a little daunting to newcomers so I hope Speck picks it all up quickly.

It is a pleasure to have made a musical journey with these guys & I cannot wait to see them on Saturday.

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Sharp Practice of course.

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