Monday, May 02, 2011


I hate artists promotional clips for their music. I hate them for only one reason. When I was young I would rush down to the music store, spend all my money on that weeks single, which had been carefully chosen after reading the weekly music press over & over. Once I had that piece of vinyl in my hand and on the turn table, it would be dissected bar by bar. Next would come the lyrics, I would pay particular attention to these because for me, a great riff, big chorus with no discernable thing to say, meant time wasting.

But if the song " talked " to you in only the way good music can, then the pictures in my head remained indellibly stained as my music video.

This is where my problem with "artistes" clips start, similar to enjoying a favourite novel transformed by Hollywood in to a " feel good factor" movie, I do not want someone else's interpretation of those lyrics transformed in to a story that once I have seen it on TV I will hate.

Imagine at random say... Marc Bolans " Ride a white swan " as a music video get the picture.

I have even dumped, avoided & never purchased songs by bands, no matter how good their producers, " interpretation " of the song has been because I have hated the visual aspect of it.

There you go....

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