Sunday, May 01, 2011


It has been a productive if somewhat isolated weekend, working on tracks for a collection I started putting together after arriving here in Leeds. I have around seven tracks waiting to be mixed & another three, I am still working on. Potential tracks for the collection are :

Asphalt Ripples
Boiling Deep
Emotion Imparted
Fever Food
Fractal Shadow Forge
Soul Zone Detox
Technology Park Time

They are all instrumental, utilising sound bites of spoken word to convey what I want to say rather than writing lyrics & recording vocal tracks. My studio is lacking a good microphone, something I will put right soon, as I start the task of rebuilding, following my departure from The Arcane Enigma studio in Auckland.

I left a lot behind, but it all will be replaced over time.

I began writing "Soul Zone Detox" on the flight out of Auckland, what else can you do on a 36 hour flight ? The rest have put together using the time I now have on my hands. The working title for this collection is " Funky Aluminium Primitive " which suits the musical direction of the pieces.

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