Monday, February 14, 2011


So, two weeks in to my return and a time to take stock. Since arriving my experience has been positive, apart from getting used to the narrow roads & traffic. I had forgotten how close to the kerb vehicles drive & how close to the vehicles you are !
I have resumed my love affair with the Yorkshire countryside, the moors, the hills, the seashore, even the weather has not managed to dampen my enthusiasm.

Some down sides, a trip to the Piece Hall on Halifax was totally depressing as this once vibrant market place, sprinkled with Artsy shops has been reduced to an empty shell boasting around a sixth of the stores it used to have. It was very sad to see it in it's reduced circumstances.

I also visited a bank to open a current account, an easy task you might think, but no...I was advised that the only Customer account manager was in with a client & to return in 45 minutes ! That was not going to happen. Dissapointing when you consider I am offering them business, even with all the financial chaos of the last few years it seems they have not learnt any lessons.

Still I now have my bank account... I am a person again ! Now the CV's are going out & looking forward to becomingn a productive member of society instead of a wine guzzling lay about ( reading this Mr Pudding ? ).

Listening to all the music I missed while been away...

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Are you implying that I am a wine guzzling layabout?...Oh I see - a reference back to an earlier comment. Yes I heard about the Piece Hall's demise before I came to Thailand. Very sad.