Monday, January 31, 2011


What a busy week it has been, I traveled to Scarborough on Friday evening to meet up with Miff & his wife. They are old friends from my days playing in the Scarborough area in a band that was together for 10 years, so we must have got along ok!

It was a great evening catching up,reminiscing about all the fun we had when we were playing. The meal provided by Mrs. Miff was excellent, this was consumed along with a vast amount of wine & at 2am we all staggered up to bed.

Saturday I bade my farewell, setting off down to the seafront to purchase fresh, hot fish & chips, which were eaten on the seafront, watching the tide loll around the harbor.

No wonder then that last night on my return I chose to stay inside & read the Sunday papers, what a simple pleasure it is to have more than 2 Sunday papers to choose from!

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

What were the crabs dressed in? Little pink T-shirts bearing the logo "I'm a Crab!" or "Screw All Lobsters!"?
By the way, there's more to life in England than stuffing your face and guzzling wine till 2am!