Tuesday, October 27, 2009

White people like us

Disgusted, Horrified, Angry...and I dont even live there anymore.
Emotions that I felt watching news reports here in NZ of the White rascist scum on television saying things like " Lets have this interview in a town that has not been ethnically cleansed of true English people "
I dont think anyone caught that little aside.

I hate the fact that people still think that way, I marched and protested in the Seventies against this rascist scum, yet here they are years later still spouting their filth. I was going to turn this entry in to a diatribe against rascism, but my feelings now are that people like this need to be given their God given democratic right to speak out...a right they would deny others,only by listening to this excrement can we possibly hope to turn the tide.

The only reason in my view ( which lets face it, is 11,600 miles away ) that these putrid pieces of hate get a platform is because the Labour party in the UK has disenfranchised their traditional voting base. They have cast the working class aside in their lustful greed for power. Now they reaping what they sow.

I have no time for rascist scum, they do however have a right to vent their hatefull spleen. The BBC should be ashamed of themselves for not giving this dog a chance to spout his feral, inbred rantings instead of letting the audience attack him. Only then would he have been able to reveal the evil secret depths of his plans for everyone.

When I look at these people I wonder how on earth they can refer to themselves as " The master race ".

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