Saturday, July 04, 2009


An uncertain week has just passed by compounded by some financial woes. Glad to say that the issue has now been resolved & the Arcane ship is back on course. With just a week to go until the school holidays we will have reached another plateau in Caits recovery. Another full term completed ! There really is in my mind no going back to the dark days anymore. I take a great deal of pride in the knowledge that at least one parent in her life stuck with her & helped her through that time.

It is not usual in these pages for me to disparage my ex but I feel that I cannot contain my emotions on the subject any longer, when Caits was at her lowest ebb her mother chose her career & her relationship with her new partner over her daughter, saying she " Could not cope anymore ". In translation that meant that she was not prepared to stay home with her daughter & nurse her to recovery. She passed the problem on to me, to be honest I had no choice, because if I did not take her in & look after her who would ? It has left me feeling sad that a parent who took me to court for full custody of her children could give up at the first sign of trouble. I have no idea what the future impact of been separated from her brother & rejection by her mother will have on my daughter long term. All I know is that I have to provide a safe loving, supportive environment for her.

It has also left me feeling no respect at all for her mother who it seems to me is a fair weather friend with no concept of parent hood. There ! Got that one of my chest, we will not speak of this again.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

But you should speak of it again David! Well done for giving Caitlin true love. After the custody battle it's great that true love rules in the end. Love that girl with all your might and learn to pause and think before you speak with her on important stuff. A big well done for getting her through that last term at school.