Wednesday, July 08, 2009


I wish "Tonic Water " contained more Quinine, I also think it should have alcohol in it as a right. I wish "Coke" contained its original ingredient. I wish people would be good to each other, I wish Michael Jackson was real...not some plastic white person, but the vibrant black man I saw on the cover of "Off the wall ". I wish people would get over Elvis..He was crap. Many Black Blues players said it all, before a pretty white boy came along. I wish people in television made things that were relevant, informative, educational & not forgetting the need to make us laugh & cry. It can be done, with some imagination and an idea of what " real "people contend with. Reference: Shakespeare, Marlow, Pinter, Shaw, Stoppard, Ayckbourne, Orton ,Osbourne et al.
I wish after all my life of giving to Africa it would stand up for itself. I wish people had homes, food & the right to a good fulfilling life, whatever that might be. I think it is a basic right of every human being in the world to have sex & be loved, intensely. I wish politicians would shut up: I think that at my age the fact I am ruled by arses gives me the right to tell them they are useless. Most thirty year olds dont get to run company's let alone goverments. I wish reality TV was a figment of my imagination. I wish Harry Potter did not exist, so that adults & children picked up books, read & enjoyed them for what they are, rather than a "cult" fashion item.
I wish I lived in a country were art & science were as exulted & rewarded as highly as sport. I wish Kiwis would say the word "Memo " correctly, it is NOT " Meeemo " it is " memo ".
I wish the same amount of money that gets spent on " Defence " was spent on oversea's aid. I wish people would do as he says so Bono would shut up. I wish more people read Arcane Enigma ( fat chance !). I wish I could buy a decent Yorkshire pudding tin in Auckland.I wish that Leeds United & Hull City ( Nod to Mr Pudding there for an ingratiating name check ) can be wonderfull, however I know that no matter what they do they will fail in a Dunkirk kind of way.
I wish Americans would sort themselves out, before trying to tell the rest of us what to do, I wish the United Nations had balls, not much really......

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Stupid Michael Jackson memorial crap.....He sang bloody songs, He was NOT the saviour of the Earth, get over it.


Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

How can you say Leeds United and Hull City in the same breath? We are the top dogs in Yorkshire now and Leeds are little more than a Sunday League team. As for Yorkshire pudding tins... I prefer these new-fangled silicon baking "tins". Now my puddings rise as predictably as an East Riding gentleman's sub-navel appendage. Hot fat and the right airy texture in the pudding mixture are what mainly counts.