Wednesday, June 03, 2009


There used to be a time when leaving the house was a simple matter; Wallet, keys, open door, step outside.
These days there are items I cannot leave home without.
My digital Camera, not the most expensive one on the market but one that is compact enough for me to carry around easily. You never know what you might see & with the arrival of our shiny new digital world, you can fill a whole memory card, never use a single photograph & it costs nothing.
A micro recorder,brought along to capture the sounds of machinery, ambiance, snatches of conversations, fragments of ideas. A way to record the soundtrack of our daily lives.
I was going to include my mobile phone in this list but as a close friend pointed out, leaving it consistently at home on my desk renders the terms " mobile " & " phone " useless.

Listening to:

Bill Nelson
Robben Ford

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