Wednesday, June 03, 2009


This week I have had to do something that I do not do.
I have had to locate in a dusty unused corner of the house, an ironing board & iron.
The reason for using this unfamiliar piece of household equipment is the pressing of my daughters school uniform, woe is me ! I will have to amend my proud banner to read " Occasionally irons ".....peraphs I should just discard it altogether & accept the inevitable; I do iron.

Also I had " Yorkshire Pudding " & " My Dads a communist " comment that I had missed out been a Yorkshireman from my " I am " list, please accept my humble apologies for leaving out the county of my birth, it has now been rectified.

Listening to:

By the trail of their dead you will know them
The Stills
The Tragically Hip
The Feelers

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Well done David on amending your "I am" list to include "Yorkshireman"! However, now that you admit to being a guy who irons I strongly suspect you are actually from Lancashire! Do you also walk in a mincing kind of way?