Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love the aroma & taste of coffee.
As an early morning ritual, a long black sugarless coffee is the perfect start to the day.
Back in the mists of time coffee in England had to be stewed for 5 days until all the flavour had dissolved before it could be served. It was a regulation, any deviance from that rule & you would be up before the committee.

One of the great delights at the time was a trip to France, within an hour of arrival I would march in to the nearest cafe for a cafe noir. What bliss ! Until my return home when all aspirations about decent coffee had to be surrendered at the border. Glad to say that has now changed.

A trip to Los Angeles in the Nineties opened my eyes still further when I discovered that most book shops came with a coffee bar, what joy to be able to browse the selection in such a civilised way.
My arrival in Auckland made me think I had landed on planet Coffee Bean,indeed Ponsonby Road is known as "Latte Lane".
So I remain a slave to those little brown beans....

Black as the devil, Hot as hell, Pure as an angel, Sweet as love. -- Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Perigord; recipe for coffee.

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-r|e|w- said...

Have some of Jamaica's famous Blue mountain Coffee!