Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Another week passes by & I have been neglecting this blog a little.

Not a great deal to write about at the moment, recording is going along well & I have absorbed an incredible number of books...currently averaging 4 to 5 per week...libraries are wonderful things.

One book that did annoy me intensely was Anita Roddick's " Business as ( UN) usual " It started pretty much as you would expect from a world famous campaigner, full of facts & figures on poverty, politics, the environment, along with anecdotes about Body Shops early days. But I am afraid by the fifth chapter I was wilting from the constant barrage of her involvement in good causes & the haranguing, hectoring, strident tone of the language used.

I have no real problem with been made aware of issues that need addressing by governments & corporate giants but it made me wonder who this book was aimed at. Who but a Roddick fan would buy it ?? I know ! I am defeating my own argument here because I am not that passionate about her or her work & I read it. It did seem to me she was preaching to the converted from a VERY high pulpit.

I have to admit that I was suffering from Eco fever by chapter 7, finding myself wishing for the smell of petrol or at least a little smog to bring me back to reality. Roddick herself states in her tome, that she wanted to spend time writing more books to enlighten the un PC masses to the evils of the corporate plan, to eat up every available resource the Earth has to offer. However, I feel this idea cannot work as the people who need converting to the cause do not read books.... unless they are annual reports.

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Daphne said...

Yes, there's something about feeling you're being lectured that always has the opposite effect to the one that the author intended - - well it does with me, anyway! I want to eat fatty foods, take up smoking and burn a bit of rainforest - - just because it's so annoying being preached at!