Sunday, March 22, 2009


Buzz, buzz,the sound of cicadas is like a chef sharpening a knife.Then they stop for no reason...then carry on, but interestingly if you play a beat they fall in line with it,an insect symphony right on your doorstep. Once their gig is over the crickets take centre stage, all night long.... It does have a very safe comforting sound though.However the insect world has a dark side that even Darth Vader could not have imagined. The things I have seen fly in to my home from out of the bush late at night, I swear do not exist except in a late night science fiction movie. Scary big legged things, the stuff of a Bosch artwork.

I love them, and hate them in equal measures. Sometimes their sound is a welcome background to what I am doing other times I have to wait till sunset for them to shut up before I can work. My microphones pick up everything, even the Auckland traffic a few kilometres away ! Still insect life carries on, they do not care what you are doing..they care about the next generation. They have no love for their offspring. They do not give a damn about the human race, have no qualms about our fate, insects carry on singing their insect noise around my door. They alone seem to grasp the idea that the next generation will inherit the earth. They alone know that their lives are a total sacrifice for a better insectoid world.

Time to reach for the Mortein........

Listening to:

Marina & the Diamonds
Marissa Nadler
The Low Anthem
Great Lake Swimmers
Darker my love
The Stills


Katherine said...

Nooooo! Not spray on the lovely weta please?
But I do sympathise with your problems of extraneous noise, David. The noisy ones must be a pain when you are recording... A room and lots of foam on the walls?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

We human beings are living on the Planet of the Insects. It's their planet. There are billions more of them than there are of us. If aliens came from outer space they would surely wish to first meet the true guardians of this planet - the insects.

Daphne said...

We have crickets, because our geckos eat them, and they live a short but happy life in a cricketarium near the geckos' tank. I like to hear their chirping. My brother says he prefers them to the geckos.