Monday, September 22, 2008


At the weekend I completed the Goldie Bush - Mokoroa Stream circuit in the Waitakeres. It was a good half days tramp in warm spring weather with plenty of native wildlife to listen to along the way.

I celebrated arrival at the stream by falling on my ass in it ! But it made for a pleasant change of temperature if nothing else. Today I am still aching but not as much as my aches from the first walk of the season.

Listening to:

Bill Nelson


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Attractive pictures. I will definitely be visiting NZ in the next five years. I might call in to see you. When you fell on your ass was the poor creature hurt?

Katherine said...

Yes, lovely place, David.

YP, how come you say you'll call in and see DAVID, but you didn't say you'd call in and see ME? Huh? Huh?

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Katherine what's this "Huh, Huh" stuff? Sounds like a couple of stags in the rutting season. Okay I'll come and see you too. Is it possible to eat roast kiwi?