Sunday, September 21, 2008


Having not made an entry this week I have succumbed mostly through guilt to post an update. Not a busy week but it did contain a few items of interest.
On Thursday ( yes it took that long for something note worthy to happen ) I was involved in my first rail crash, which as you can tell I survived. I was not pleased with the nature of my crash, I had to cancel my plans for the day, as the only line from my home to my destination was closed.It did not please me that in the evening the crash was not on the national news, throwing my tales of survival in to doubt. This is New Zealand for goodness sake ! Littering in the Auckland domain makes the news so why not my crash ? Well my guess is that the story was overtaken by the prospect of a bigger crash on Wall Street.
There was no warning as with all crashes & it was not until the train slowly came to halt & did not move for 15 minutes we began to suspect something had happened, then the police helicopter appeared along with police cars.It seems the train struck a car that was on the track, have to say no one was hurt & we never felt a thing.
So maybe now I will buy a lottery ticket.

Heres the story............

Passenger train collides with abandoned car
5:21PM Thursday Sep 18, 2008

Commuters bound for central Auckland were fortunate to escape injury when their passenger train collided with a car abandoned on tracks west of the city today.

The Auckland Regional Transport Authority said the passenger service travelling from Waitakere struck the empty vehicle between Sunnyvale and Glen Eden shortly after 11am.

Services on the western line were disrupted while maintenance crew removed the wreckage, while the train locomotive was also damaged. It was not known how fast the train had been travelling at the time of the accident.

An ARTA spokesperson said there were no injuries while police were attempting to trace the owner of the vehicle.

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