Wednesday, July 16, 2008


In a weeks time I will wait with my fingers nervously crossed as my beloved daughter attempts to return to her school, at the start of the new term.
She has made so much progress over the past weeks & feels strong enough to give it a try.We have been here before, but I feel if she gets one single day under her belt the hill will have been climbed & we can focus on the rest of her journey.

I spent the last couple of weeks revisiting tracks I wrote back in the mid Nineties in my old studio " The dream sequence " in Leeds. The tracks were all written utilising Midi as use of .wav files was only just appearing. Initially I wrote directly from the computer keyboard before finally obtaining a Roland Midi keyboard.

In all there are around two to three hundred tracks written using this software, so I have been going through them looking for standout peices with the intention of converting them to .wav format & remixing them usuing digital software.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Sometimes to appreciate your own music and assess it rationally you do need a gap in time after the initial creation.

So glad to hear that Caitlin is on the up. The other day I had to counsel a twelve year old girl in my school. She just did not want to be there. Other kids were calling her "horse face" and I suddenly felt the pain that exposure in large ovepopulated institutions can bring to shy self-conscious people. It isn't a "natural" place to be.