Saturday, March 15, 2008


Solitude. once upon a time I used to enjoy my free weekends. This one however has been tough going. My time in my studio has not been a joyous one, melancholy seems to be behind every note I write.

Painting has brought me no satisfaction, as the colours I choose seem to be less vibrant than I had imagined them. Even the simple act of putting pen to paper holds no charms.

I turn on the TV ( A very rare event in my universe ) but nothing catches my attention, everything seems stale & contrived.
To make the atmosphere worse I have been visited by the other curse in my life, insomnia. So here I sit at my keyboard at a ridiculous hour of the morning trying to find something that will ease my mind.

Listening to:
The sound of Moreporks outside my window.
John Coltrane

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KTB said...

Thanks for the comment.
That all sounds very complicated, but good luck with it!