Sunday, February 24, 2008


I used to be so good at keeping my lips sealed when it came to secrets, especially the confidences & closet skeletons of others. Now I have a secret of my own & it is driving me crazy that I can't tell anyone about it.

I have thought of trying distraction therapy such as taking gulps of warm southern English beer or sticking sharp things in my eyes, I think both are probably too drastic.
If I don't get this secret out soon I will burst. Trouble is I have to keep it zipped & my thoughts to myself.

I an effort to fool myself in to thinking I had no secret; I took Speck & Lunchbox to the local shopping mall. As a Yorkshireman the removal of dollars from my wallet does serve as a great shock, therefore taking my mind away from my secret for a while.

Listening to:

Vampire Weekend
Tim Finn
Yellow jackets
Buena Vista Social Club


Deviant One said...

It's harder to keep your own secrets than it is to keep those of others, for me at least. Which is why I blog!

Anonymous said...

Spill the beans Dave. I hope it's good news. Did u get my email?

Read your latest blog Dave. Sorry to hear you have been fighting depression for a while. I can totally relate, I have had many dark periods since leaving Yorkshire too. Wish I could share a beer with you , or a doobie my old friend! Take a holiday ! Visit Canada.

Steve Jones