Thursday, February 14, 2008


Today it rained for the first time in weeks, what a relief; the green lushness of New Zealand was slowly becoming the colour of Australia - Brown. Speaking of which, I see that the new government there has finally grown some balls & said sorry to the indigenous population for stealing around 100,000 children & re settling them with white families. The next step will be to compensate all the victims.

The weekend approaches & I am gearing up for a long bush walk through the Waitakere ranges. Hopefully it will dry out a little before then but if it doesn't I still wont care. I’ll be out in the fresh air, away from the total idiots I have to work with & relaxing.

This month also marks the beginning of my savings drive, not helped by the fact I have to spend $350 to get my passport renewed. The British High Commission web site did cheerfully advise me that I could obtain a free passport if I was born before or on 02 September 1929!

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Susanna said...

Indeed it was about time we said "Sorry" to the indigenous people and I am happy for all Australians that we did so.

And about bloody time!