Wednesday, January 02, 2008


What 2007 meant to me: Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Myanmar, iPhone, Anna Nicole Smith, Britney's Haircut, Britney boy: The cult of personality. Guns in America, Virginia Tech, Guns in Finland, Oil Prices, Bio degradable fuels, Bio degradable fools, Global warming conference in Bali- more hot air. Lindsay Lohan , Paris Hilton, Pete Doherty, Amy winehouse;more cult of personality. Interstate Bridge 35 collapses, Earthquakes in Gisborne, Barrack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Goodbye Tony Blair, Piss off John Howard. Putin playing Russian roulette, Iran, North Korea.
Babyshambles, The Cribs, Ting Tings, Bruce, Radiohead, White stripes,Gigs at the Zoo, Man eating Tigers, Simpsons the movie, Grindhouse. Books by Robert Crumb, Ian Banks William Gibson. Smoked Salmon, Absolut, Strawberries, Natural disasters in Bangladesh, Mexico, Indonesia, Peru, Greece, China.Space shuttle temptress Lisa Nowak, David Bain, Japanese whaling scumbags, leaving DHL, meeting old friends, losing new ones, America’s Cup, Rugby world Cup.
RIP Benazir Bhutto, Joe Zawinul, Oscar Peterson, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Luciano Pavarotti, Michael Brecker, Kurt Vonnegut.

Lets do it all again in 2008 !

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

David - I am honoured to be included in your Blog Roll. I liked your list for 2007 but in NZ surely there'd be beer and sheep - usually in that order I have heard! Happy New Year!