Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I love the new White Stripes album, The title track & video are just perfect.
Riffs, solo's, wild keyboards, noise, politics, all in one little package.Including my favourite lines in a song this year:

" Well, Americans: What, nothin' better to do?
Why don't you kick yourself out? You're an immigrant too."


From My space White Stripes site

"Icky Thump is their first album to include a title track, which curiously (and not ironically) has the same words in it's name. Though some residents of northern England might almost recognize the title, The Stripes stress they are spelling it wrong intentionally just for "kicks" and "metaphors", and to avoid a possible lawsuit from the estate of Billy Eckstine."

Listening to

White stripes
Heat Distance
Lindon's latest project : Slot car racers.

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