Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Just as I sit down to commence even more mixing of tracks, the bastard cold returns with a vengeance. This project of mixing & committing to disc some twenty or so unused tracks is turning in to a season in hell.

I have managed to finish over half of the pieces, but with the resumption of what feels like the nasal equivalent of an ice cap melt emanating from my nose, it is a slow & irritating task. I long to be able to listen to a finished mix, without punctuating the quieter passages of my music with sneezes that sound like a sonic boom or to quote Douglas Adams " the best bang since the big one ".

I will persist, as I know that this pesky little virus will eventually pass. Until then I am competing with Rudolph for the job of sitting on top of the Sky tower as a warning to aircraft.

Listening to:

White stripes
Tom Waits

Watching :

Outrageous Fortune

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