Saturday, August 11, 2007


I was talking to a very close & well loved friend today, our conversation turned to an update of mutual friends from the past. We passed on information about divorces, deaths, addictions, jail time, thefts, a whole string of dreadful things that have befallen people we used to know. We were left wondering how the hell we managed to have so much fun all the time without ever really getting in to any deep & serious shit.

No, I mean: really deep & serious shit.

We seemed to have put growing up on hold for the time we were together & never really did anything unless it involved fun. We would not get out of bed for anything less. Yet so many of the people we grew up with seemed to have fallen by the wayside in a number of bad ways. I realise now that although we thought we were living on " the Edge " the reality seems to have been that so many of our acquaintances were doing it for real.We thought we lived on the wrong side of the tracks but I guess we were really tourists.

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White Stripes
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" making love in sleek auto's, while life's ink sings always, love is swift arrows my dear "

Earnest Woodall
Melissa Roland
Douglas King

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