Thursday, May 31, 2007


Mercury Energy a company owned by the New Zealand goverment & therefore accountable to all Kiwi's this week turned the power off at a family's home denying the family's mother access to her oxygen machine.
Although the contractor who carried out this disconnection for an unpaid bill was advised she needed access to this machine he turned the power off anyway. The poor woman died later that day.

I cannot really find the right words to describe this bunch of money grabbing scumbags. It speaks volumes about this particular corporations culture.
I have had dealings with them in the past & I will NEVER use them again. I found them to be arrogant & totally uncaring when it came to customer care.

This poor family have lost their wife & mother for the massive outstanding debt of $160 NZ. I hope their chief executives get what they deserve over this. Useless bastards.

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