Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The weekend will soon be on the doorstep & for Aucklanders it is going to be a long one. Monday is our anniversary day. So I will be enjoying a 3 day break with the prospect of a long bush walk, exploring a part of the Waitakere ranges I have not been to before.
Monday at this stage will be spent doing the Daddy thing; hopefully the weather will be fine enough to plan something involving the sea & surf.

I read with much mirth the story of the beach scavengers in Dorset England, looting containers as they washed ashore from a ship, lying aground on a sand bank .
It struck me that this is what the locals would do a few centuries back, lure unsuspecting ships on the rocks using lanterns & then loot them. How can you go against all those centuries of genetic behaviour ??

In a truly polite English way it was hilarious to see the local Police requesting that people who took goods from the beach, leave their names & addresses. Allowing the true owners to contact them if they decided that they wanted their goods returned. Yeah right.

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