Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Our team at work is in the process of competing in the Movember contest, we are growing moustaches & beards in aid of Men’s Prostate cancer. If the results at the end of this month are worth seeing I may post a picture of the guilty parties.
Caits is not impressed that I am doing this, but did allow it as it is for a good cause. I can’t believe it, all the time I was married to H she was not happy about growing any kind of facial hair. Now I am separated & free to do what I like it is my daughter who is complaining !!

As predicted the AB’s took England apart at the weekend, there were some pundits in the UK who thought the AB’s looked beatable, what they don’t realize is that the team had not played for 4 weeks & it was STILL not our strongest side ! Wait until the world cup next year guys…

Listening to

John Mayer
Seventies Punk 45’s ( yes that’s right Vinyl )

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