Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Retrospective # 06

Crowded House : Woodface : 1991

1991 was the year I got married, it was the year I also bought this album.
I confess I had never heard a note that Crowded House had played before I purchased this: on the strength of a review in a music magazine.
I transferred it to tape & played it non stop in my car for weeks. I was hooked & when they were booked to appear live in a nearby city, I had to be there. I was not disappointed & so began a love affair with Crowded House that led to me seeing them live everywhere from Bradford City hall to the Olympia in Paris.

The difference between this album & their previous two was the injection of Tim Finn, Neil Finn’s older brother. The two of them collaborated on the majority of songs & their hair raising harmonies contribute to all of them, invoking memories of Lennon & McCartney as well as,from an earlier era The Everly Brothers.

Stand outs for me are Weather with you, There goes God, It’s only natural, Fall at your feet & Whispers & moans. That is not to say that the remaining tracks are poor, most bands would love to have the scraps from the Finn’s table.

Little did I know that 7 years after purchasing this I would be living in the same city as Neil & Tim Finn, unfortunately I am still waiting for their talent to rub off on me…Sigh..


Milly Moo said...

I was living in London as a carefree single gal working crap jobs to pay for cider and travel and like you, hadn't owned any of their albums.
If it's possible to wear out a CD, I nearly did - your five standouts are mine.
I got to see them at the 'Town and Country Club' in Kentish Town a week after their album release (and saw them enter via the front in a daggy old minivan) and then, a few months later when they were 'huge everywhere' at Wembley Arena. Great stuff and never again matched by them

Sam Hirst said...

Agreed, and Together Alone is pretty much as good too, unsung genius, Neil Finn. Oh, and I managed to see them on their last tour at Sheffield, fantastic fun live!