Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Here we go again, another weekend, spent mostly at my ex’s looking after the children. I did manage to fit in a very debauched evening on Friday, but that is where that particular story has to end for the reputations of the 2 people concerned, mine & the insignificant other.

As my daughter reads this blog I have to be reasonably restrained & as insignificant other has never met the children well you understand. So from Friday I jumped in to the proverbial telephone booth & changed in to “ DAD “. Plunged headlong in to a world composed of sleepovers, play dates, snacks & juice.

There was the comfort of an enormous plasma screen to watch which did compensate me a little for the loss of studio time. The problem with TV is that it is so passive, after a while my feet start to itch & I want to be doing something other than sitting still.

So only 4 more days & life will return back to a semblance of normality. I will be able to resume my musical experiments deep within my beloved studio.

Listening to

Eighties compilation of electronic music
Lloyd Cole & the Commotions
Bill Nelson
My Daughters CD collection ( Through a wall )

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