Monday, July 10, 2006


This week I am preparing to push on with my current recorded tracks,in an effort to finally get my instrumental CD finished. Also with some idea of order, brought to bear on the vocal tracks sitting on my hard drive. The work has been very slow as I keep getting distracted by either the World Cup or The All Blacks..

If I get a good run at the final mixes this week, I can clear the decks for the following weekend when I will be free to get to grips with the remaining tracks. The reason for this push towards completion is that if the tracks are ready & awaiting only the vocal parts, then I can take a week off from work to put the vocals down & finish the mix.

None of this will be possible this weekend when the children descend once more, of course I would not change that for the world & I am busy planning things that will keep them occupied while they are with me.

Josh & Caits are both spending the second week of the holidays with the out laws. I hope they are enjoying themselves. It is at times like these when they are not around that I miss them, especially during holidays when I forgo my usual mid week nights with them. Somehow though their return is always worthwhile when you are smothered with hugs...

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