Saturday, December 10, 2005


After waxing away on the feeling of what it is like to be out front, it is time to pick some influences & some people I admire for their FRONT

The first singer I picked up on, who I really tried to sound like was the man who for me wrote the book on what was needed to be a front man, incidentally it is a book I have carried in my back pocket at every performance I have given.

Paul Rodgers

I am not a great fan of his work with Bad Company, or his solo work apart from the Muddy Waters Blues album. However his time in Free would be enough to convince anyone this man had it all.
A definite influence on my vocal work.

The rest of this list has been chosen because I admire & respect their work.

Mick Jagger

Not really an influence & certainly someone who should have given up at the start of the eighties, but for sheer charismatic front man magnetism, a true star & much respect has to be paid to him for his abilites.

John Lydon

Sneering, demented, magnetic. Acidic.You could not take your eyes off this man when he was fronting the Sex pistols. In his own words his influences at the time were; The Hunchback of Notre Damme, Richard of York, Norman Wisdom & Arthur Askey. He spawned a whole Nation of wannabes, who of course got the message completely wrong, the message was: Don’t copy me, be yourself !!

Cory Glover

Front man for Living Colour. It takes balls to take on the waspish, Heavy metal, poodle haired, spandex wearing community when you are the wrong shade; big balls & full credit to this man for not only doing that, but having the voice & ability to go with it.
As well as been talented enough to front a kick ass band.

Brandon Flowers

I love The Killers & this guy has a great voice & great presence if you actually try to sing songs along with him it is then that you notice the power & strength of his voice.
Add to this a charismatic look & of course a repertoire of awesome songs . One of the new breed of front men I admire.

There you go I have limited it to 5, however I am sure everyone has a favourite not mentioned in this list. Honorary mentions go to Robert Palmer, Roger Daltry, Van Morrison, Jarvis Cocker,Otis Redding,Wilson Pickett.. As I stated earlier some people in this list are not personal favourites but have been chosen for their talents. All of them stand there facing the masses with just a microphone.

listening to

The Sex Pistols
Franz Ferdinand
The D4


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