Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I am currently house sitting for H while she is away on business. It is very odd been in her home with the children, like a holiday but somewhere so familiar. An almost permanent feeling of Deja Vous.
Then there are the cats, hundreds of them! Well four at least, more trouble than my 2 children.
But on the whole it makes a change from the usual routine.

I got really angry on the way home yesterday listening to the news story that Quantas & Air New Zealand have introduced a policy of seating single male travelers away from unaccompanied children.
What message does this send out to the world? That all men are rapists & abusers??
As a father of 2, I am only too aware of the stares & suspicious looks I get when I take my children to the beach or play ground & I am left sitting on my own. The nervousness of mothers, when my daughter asks, if her friends want to come over to play for the day.

At this rate been male will rate lower than been a lawyer or politician.

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