Monday, September 12, 2005


I will be taking the next 5 days off in an attempt to reduce the number of holidays I have accrued this year. This means I will not update my Blog for a while, but I am sure that western civilization will not collapse overnight as a result of this.

I am also going to attempt the Chardonnay drinking record during this holiday, basically because I can. In another record attempt you may also see me trying for the BBQ every single day come rain or shine record.

What I hope to fail at is the giving a damn about freight record & the empathy with clients attempt.

In other pieces of my life, the kids I mix sound for won their talent contest & now are wanting me to record them for a CD. I suspect that they will find this a very trying time as they will have to nail their performance in order for it to be acceptable. But good on them & I look forward to producing some music other than my own.

Have fun, empty the mailbox & put the cat out, I will see you in a week

Listening to
Franz Ferdinand
Bob Marley

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The Erics said...

We will miss your blog David. Hurry back and dont get too p**sed.

Ps where do you stand on England famous Ashes win down there (up there??)