Monday, September 05, 2005


We are in the middle of a general election here in Godzone, at one time I was very active politically, now the rehearsed blah, blah sends me to sleep.

On one hand there is the party espousing user pay's & tax cuts. On the other, the PC nanny state telling me how I can live my life. It reminds me of a couplet from The Who's " Won't get fooled again "....

" Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss "

I am seriously thinking about NOT voting, so that I will NOT be able to complain when the election is over.

Quiet weekend here for me, a walk to the village Saturday morning for a cooked breakfast, coffee & the newspaper. Followed by household chores throughout the day until it was time for a BBQ'd steak out on the deck in preparation for the evenings big game. All Blacks V Wallabies for the Tri Nations Trophy.

aaaaahhhhhhhh Bliss......

Listening to
Steve Vai
Brian Eno
Franz Ferdinand
Courtney Pine
David Sylvian

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Paul Richardson said...

Hi David
seen the piccie, you look very well!!