Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Another week passes, but this is one with a difference,on Saturday evening once the children were in Bed & I waited for the Test Match to start: I began A NEW PIECE OF MUSIC ! Yes !!!! Looks as if writers block is dead! The muse has returned !!

The test match against Australia later was awesome, with the AB's coming from behind to win comfortably. No Bledisloe Cup for the Wallabies this year ! The weather here is slowly warming up, as we approach the arrival of Spring. Soon we will be having our outdoors Xmas dinner & playing in the surf at Bethells Beach.

Catlin had a friend around to play on Sunday, you would be amazed how many parents are suspicious of single male parents, we must rank lower than lawyers when it comes to trust. However this particular friend has parents who I have met & trust me enough to look after their child as well as my own. In this day & age I feel very honoured to do this.

Listening to

Robben Ford
Robert Johnson

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