Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Another weekend passes by & as I try to get over our defeat in South Africa at the hands of the Boks, my thoughts are turning to the arrival of summer. This week I am celebrating my eighth year in New Zealand, my how time passes.

The weekend was spent helping out a work colleague’s daughter & her bands first tentative steps in to performance. It was the first time I had been to band practice in 8 years!! Fortunately I was only mixing the sound for a video.It was still quite a handful with 5 instruments & 5 hand held microphones for the voices. It was even more seat of your pants the next day when having wrestled with an unfamiliar mixing desk I discovered that due to time constraints they were doing the WHOLE thing without a sound check WTF!!!

However it all came out OK in the wash due to the digital camera they were using’s ability to compress all sound in to mud. I did suggest that they let me clean it up a little back at my studio but they just wanted to get their hands on the recording as soon as possible! Ahhh youthful enthusiasm!

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Jeff Beck
Brian Eno

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