Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I stuffed up at work over the weekend with a large shipment for a large customer. Everybody was understanding & could see how the whole thing had gone to crap, but it doesn’t make the dark clouds go away.
To use a Kiwi phrase: I am going to feel stink for the rest of the week .

I spent the weekend with the children which was great, it would have been even better if Madagascar was out on general release here but as always we are waiting, I am sure my children will love it when they finally get to see it.

I have also aquired something I have so far managed to survive without.. a mobile phone. Though I have to say it has spent the weekend in my pocket switched off. I just can’t take these things so seriously that I have to spend every waking moment with one glued to my ear,. I often wonder if these calls are important or if we have just filled our waking hours with trivial minutae.

Not listening to ring tones.

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