Thursday, April 21, 2005


I was at the local New World supermarket in Titirangi the other day. Happily taking my place in the queue at one of two available checkouts, with my single purchase of a bottle of milk. (Fat free diet fans). To my surprise the checkout closed down right before my turn, leaving me with the option of joining the queue at the only available checkout. This annoyed me because I only had one item & the checkout operator could have dealt with it, before taking her break as there was no one behind me. It annoyed me even further when I realized the only other option, was to join a queue where the operator had just begun to process a customer’s trolley full of their weekly shopping!! I walked out, crossed the road & purchased my milk from the local dairy, it took approximately 1 minute.
I used to work in this industry back in the UK & I know that time spent at the checkout has been identified as a major reason for customer dissatisfaction, why the hell was there no cover for the operators break????
But then again why did I feel the need to be so impatient ?

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