Tuesday, April 19, 2005


We were discussing poor choices that we have made in the past under the influence of Alcohol.
All of us had our horror stories of waking in strange places or with eyebrows (and worse) shaved off.
I thought I would share this one with you. We went drinking in the local town & got ourselves in a VERY inebriated state; it was the last day of a long holiday weekend which we were determined to enjoy.

It was decided that we would all sleep at the nearest apartment which happened to be mine. So we staggered up the stairs to my abode, drunk to hell, carrying bottles & cans for further consumption. Once inside we devoured the rest of the booze & as you can only do when you are drunk, decided it was time for a Curry.

We left to eat but one of our number had passed out & was still unconscious when we returned an hour or so later. Stupid thing to do really.

We hatched a plan and had to spend some considerable time working out how to set our alarm clocks for the right time. Once things were prepared we settled down for the night.

Sure enough the alarm went off at the correct time our victim began to stir,

“ Shit !! Look at the time ! “ he exclaimed as the reality of his situation began to form. He was two hours late for work He began to frantically search for his clothes which were nowhere to be found. We did of course enjoy his predicament for a while, 2 hrs late for work & no clothes. We eventually relented to his pleading by revealing their whereabouts, we had sprayed them with water & hung them in the freezer. Cool threads…..

Eventually he managed to bend & work his solid clothes in to some shape fit to wear & slowly put them on. Only stopping to roundly abuse us, he sped out of the door & down the street to the local train station.

He returned to a room full of laughter some 30 minutes later….. the reason ? We had set the alarm to look as if he was 2 hours late.. in reality he was 2 hours early, I had to be the last to pass out for a long time.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, why does this not suprise me .... knowing you as I think I do .... the poor person would have had no idea at all until they returned .... evil really .... remind me one day never to go out and get drunk with you ....