Sunday, February 13, 2005


Monday & back to work after a weekend of entertaining the little ones & looking for a place to live. Mix in to this grocery shopping & laundry & it has been full on.

I experienced my first awkward delicate question from my daughter this weekend. I know a lot of you are going to regard me as a big wuss when I relate this story, but I am not a " new man " O.K. ??

We were watching TV after 20.00 when I was confronted with an advertisement for a cure for " Vaginal Thrush ". My daughter straight away asked me what the lotion was used for....

I bravely took a gulp of air & said in my best credible voice,
" I think your Mummy can answer that question for you darling "
I know, I know, " Meep "

Listening to

Snow Patrol
Milltown Brothers
The Tragically Hip

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