Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Another run in with the flat mate last night, this time I was accused of “kicking the dog”. As I was looking at Caits eye at the time trying to remove a foreign object I fail to see how I did this. I mean to kick anything correctly you at least need to look at or be aware of it to ensure your foot is aiming in the right direction! GAH!!

I am still fuming from the crap I had to deal with last night from her, I can’t wait for March to arrive when I get to move out & return to my single life. Selfish I know but I do enjoy pleasing myself without having to answer to anyone.

Caits & Josh were with me last night; they were full of their visit to the Ex’s parents, especially their trip to the cinema to see The Incredibles
I was a little annoyed at that as I wanted to take them to see it! Having children gives you carte blanche to indulge all your childish whims.

I have just received my tickets to see Dave Dobbyn in concert at Auckland Zoo It’s a great idea to have open air evening concerts in the Zoo, they ran a series last year which were good fun.

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Bill Nelson
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