Monday, January 10, 2005


When you think everything is against you have a look at Ellen MacArthur's Team Ellen website. This follows her progress, currently in the Southern Ocean approaching Cape Horn, in her bid to become the fastest ever sole circumnavigator. She's nearly 5 days ahead of the record holder after 44 days, with a third of the journey left to go.
Track her progress in real time on maps and in figures. It also shows you webcam photos of different views of her and the boat, allowing you to hear her reports and send her emails.
check the archive and read her accounts of the sheer hard physical work, the lack of time to eat or sleep. The scares as the boat is thrown through the air by some of the waves, the near-misses with 300 metre-wide icebergs, suddenly life seems tame for the rest of us.....
I will be sending her an e-mail of encouragement

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