Sunday, January 30, 2005


Been a musician & involved with music has lead to some great highs & lows in my life.
If I had not discovered music at age 13 I would have spent a very different life to the one I have had. I was not the best person to know in those early teenage years, but music gave me a direction.

It has not all been plain sailing, I have had my share of playing to empty seats, been ripped off by promoters & managers alike. I still would not change a thing even if I have not been successful by todays plastic standards.

Once at a gig at Bradford University way back in the days of Punk, I was been repeatedly spat at by a member of the audience.This particular specimen had a chain running from his ear to his nose.

During a break between numbers I saw our Rythmn guitarist walk up to him & whisper in his ear, I returned to the microphone & launched in to the next song fully expecting a vile parcel of gob to come flying my way. Stangely this did not occur, nor did it occur for the rest of our set.

After the gig in the dressing room, I asked what had been said to the offending twat, I was told ..

" you know that chain he had on his face ? Well I told him that if he spat at you again, I was going to flush him !!"

Need I say more ?

Listening to
Spinal Tap
Nina Simone
Greg Johnson

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